Transport systems


The E-Nova is our latest electric tractor model, intended for use in public places such as airports and shopping centres. The E-Nova has a modern look and a compact construction. This makes the E-Nova highly manoeuvrable, with a turning radius of just 1.8 meters. Equipped with 3 tall air tyres, the E-Nova travels smoothly over soft terrain.

The E-Nova has an adaptable rear assembly so that it can be used for a wide range of different activities. This rear assembly can be equipped with various facilities such as storage containers and toolboxes. The E-Nova is also available with many different couplings and can therefore be adapted to any type of trailer.

The E-Nova is equipped with a comfortable seat with a backrest. The seat can be adjusted by the driver. The height of the steering wheel is also adjustable. The E-Nova is comfortable and has a practical low entrance.

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