Smart optimisation of mobility solutions in the care sector

Mobility solutions for care; more convenience and greater efficiency

Optimising internal logistics not only provides a great deal of convenience, it also makes it possible to make processes at healthcare centres and hospitals run more efficiently and under better working conditions.

M-Products devises smart solutions to make internal transport at care centres and hospitals as efficient as possible and minimally labour intensive. Some logistic solutions can be applied directly in a hospital or healthcare centre, but there are times when a specific problem calls for a unique approach. With all the expertise in-house, this is no problem for us and we're happy to take on this challenge together with you!

You will find below an overview showing examples of logistics products and systems that we use for this purpose:


The innovative Bedmover contributes to safety and ergonomics in hospitals.

HT-400 XL

The HT-400 XL is an electrically powered table model warehouse cart.

From €4.395,-

HT-400 XL Coffee cart

The compact HT-400 XL Coffee cart is easy to operate and can be used for a full working day without recharging.

From €5.395,-

HT-400 XL Zuurstofkar

Door de compacte bouwwijze van de elektrische HT-400 Koffiekar is deze meelooptrekker uitstekend geschikt voor kleine ruimtes.

v.a. €5.395,-

HT-400 XL Container

The HT-400 XL is an electrically powered means of transport for transporting waste containers.

From €5.795,-


De HT-1500 is met een max. laadgewicht van 750 kg het perfecte voertuig voor het vervoeren van zware lasten. 

v.a. €6.695,-

The advantages of our logistics products and systems:

  • Easier and faster harvesting
  • Ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • Reduced workload and working pressure
  • Lower labour costs (fewer workers for the same job)
  • Smart solutions for every need
  • Everything in-house, so can be fully adapted to your wishes

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