Compact, manoeuvrable and with a payload of up to 600 kg

'Load' tractors for healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare centres are always very busy places. Not only must patients be moved safely, goods also need to be moved smoothly from one location to another, and the full waste containers need to be put out without too much difficulty. The M-Products 'Load' tractors have been specially designed for this purpose. They have a payload of up to 600 kg and, thanks to their compact front dimensions, are also very manoeuvrable in confined spaces.

All 'Load' tractors have more than enough battery capacity as standard to be used throughout the working day without having to be recharged. Do you have any questions or specific wishes? We like to think along with you!

The 'Load' tractor range:


The innovative Bedmover contributes to safety and ergonomics in hospitals.


The HT-400 is extremely suitable for goods transport in hospitals and care centres.

HT-400 XL

The HT-400 XL is an electrically powered table model warehouse cart.

HT-400 XL Coffee cart

The compact HT-400 XL Coffee cart is easy to operate and can be used for a full working day without recharging.

HT-400 XL Container

The HT-400 XL is an electrically powered means of transport for transporting waste containers.

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