Driving autonomously in any environment


The M-Flex is a fully autonomous driving vehicle with a gigantic towing capacity. Through smart technology, this vehicle runs internal logistics efficiently. This electric vehicle can be used within healthcare facilities to move products, goods and heavy resources without the need for an employee.  

Due to its unique way of navigating, the M-Flex requires no adjustments to the environment. It is even possible to deploy the M-Flex in a continuously changing environment. With a maximum speed of 1m/s and an accuracy of up to 1 mm, the M-Flex is an accurate and dynamic logistics solution. Due to the modular platform, the M-Flex can be implemented in different models.

Technology and safety


1565 x 830 mm


For loads up to

3500 kg


3,6 km/h


M Flex
M Flex
M Flex2

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The M-Flex is a fully autonomous driving vehicle that increases productivity through smart technology.

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