Optimization of internal transport with an autonomous driving vehicle

AGV for horticulture

The internal logistics within a greenhouse horticulture company can be efficiently organized with an Automatically Guided Vehicle (AGV). By means of an AGV, goods can be transported from A to B completely autonomously. For horticulture, three different applications are available, each with its own application. We know this sector well, because of the business activities we conduct from Metazet FormFlex

For example, the M-Track system maps out a routing using induction wire, while the M-Flex system is completely flexible in its routing due to the unique way of navigating with laser technology. The autonomously driving vehicle is specifically designed for robotics applications within horticulture, as it autonomously drives in and out of crop paths at a pace that allows robotic arms to perform work on the crop. 

By the way, no towing capacity is lost with the implementation of AGV transport. M-Products' systems can achieve an impressive towing capacity of up to 3500 kg!

The range of AGV systems:


The M-Flex is a fully autonomous driving vehicle that increases productivity through smart technology.

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Self-driving platform

This vehicle drives in and out of crop paths autonomously; ideal for robotic applications in greenhouse farming.

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The M-Track from M-Products is an internal transport system based on an induction-guided tractor.

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