Maneuverable electric tugs with a towing capacity up to 3500 kg

Electric tugs for horticulture

M-Products' electric tugs are highly maneuverable, have a lot of towing capacity and are very solid. With these features, they provide many horticultural companies with an efficiency boost in internal logistics and improved working conditions for greenhouse employees. We know this sector well, because of the business activities we conduct from Metazet FormFlex

M-Products' robustly built electric tugs are real powerhouses with a towing capacity of up to 3500 kg! Within horticulture, these electric 'workhorses' are mainly used to move heavy loads, but most tugs can also be used for personal transport to easily cover distances with the option of taking cargo along the way. An indispensable link in the internal logistics of a nursery!

The electric tugs are available in different versions and can be customized to suit your needs.

The range of electric tugs:


The H-400 is an electric tug that improves productivity and safety in your company.

From €4.595,-

Trike 400

The compact construction makes the Trike 400 extremely mobile, enabling you to drive in between anything.

From €5.145,-

Trike 1200

Besides being highly maneuverable, this elecric tug is also very strong and offers a towing capacity of no less than 1600 kg.

From €6.545,-

Trike 3000S

With a towing weight of no less than 3500 kg, the Trike 3000S is a real powerhouse within the Trike family.

From €8.845,-


The E-Nova is a very comfortable electric tow tractor, ideally suited for applications in public and poorly lit areas.

From €8.995,-

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