News from M-Products

Visit M-Products during LogiMAT

The place to be for logistics solutions and process management. M-Products shows internal transport vehicles here.

New: Trike 3000S

We proudly present the new Trike 3000S.

World Cup video series

Wondering how our top electric athletes perform on the field?

We developed a video series especially for the World Cup. 

M-Products colours orange

Elite electric athletes get ready for their football debut.

Follow our players, and cheer for orange!

Océan Concept

Océan Concepts embraced the first Virto model from M-Products right from the outset, and has remained a loyal customer ever since. The successors (Virto2 and Virto2C) of the very first Virtos can now be found cleaning the roads of Nimes in France. 

New series: orange Trikes

M-Products is continually working on developing and improving new and existing products.  We proudly present you our new orange Trike series. Want to know more?