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M-Products has been a loyal supplier of electrically powered logistic equipment within the healthcare industry for many years.

Discover the power of sustainable transport with the Virto2 - European approved!

Are you looking for a transportation solution that is not only powerful and versatile, but also meets the highest standards of sustainability? Then discover the Virto2, a revolutionary vehicle approved for use on public roads in Europe. This means that the Virto2 is not only ideal for urban cleaning jobs, but is also perfect for efficiently navigating between large harvest fields, where road transport from A to B is sometimes required.

The versatile Trike: From horticulture to hospital

In addition to being used in horticulture, warehouses and airports, the Trike is also a valuable addition for hospitals and care centers. These vehicles simplify tasks, reduce physical strain and help ensure an ergonomically sound work environment.

Visit M-Products during LogiMAT

The place to be for logistics solutions and process management. M-Products shows internal transport vehicles here.

New: Trike 3000S

We proudly present the new Trike 3000S.

World Cup video series

Wondering how our top electric athletes perform on the field?

We developed a video series especially for the World Cup. 

M-Products colours orange

Elite electric athletes get ready for their football debut.

Follow our players, and cheer for orange!

Océan Concept

Océan Concepts embraced the first Virto model from M-Products right from the outset, and has remained a loyal customer ever since. The successors (Virto2 and Virto2C) of the very first Virtos can now be found cleaning the roads of Nimes in France. 

New series: orange Trikes

M-Products is continually working on developing and improving new and existing products.  We proudly present you our new orange Trike series. Want to know more?