Can be used throughout a full working day, with a loading capacity up to 750 kg

'Load'-tugs for industry

Our 'load' tugs also identify as electric tractors, but offer the option of transporting goods on the vehicle itself. This makes these vehicles compact and therefore very maneuverable, even in tight spaces. They have a loading capacity of up to 750 kg and even use their braking energy to recharge the batteries.

These vehicles can be used throughout a full working day, without recharging, without any worries!

Each vehicle can be customised with various options.

The range of 'Load' tugs

HT-400 XL

The HT-400 XL is an electrically powered table model warehouse cart that can carry as much as 600 kg.

From €4.395,-

HT-400 XL Tool cart

This mobile tool station is ideal for performing maintenance work on site.

From €5.595,-

HT-400 XL Container

The HT-400 XL Container provides efficient and durable electric transport for carrying waste containers.  

From €5.795,-


With a maximum load weight of 750 kg, the HT-1500 is the perfect tug for the transport of heavy loads.

From €6.695,-

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