Fully autonomous mobile and flexible transport in any setting

Automated transport with AGV for industry

A smart approach to increasing productivity? Automating internal transport makes an important contribution to this. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is used to transport goods completely autonomously from A to B. The choice of two smart transport systems makes it possible to do this in any situation or setting.

You can choose between the M-Track system, which maps out the route using induction wire, or the M-Flex system, which allows complete flexibility through a unique way of navigating with laser technology. This makes AGV transport very quick to put in place, and the desired routing is also easily adjustable.

Introducing AGV transport does not compromise tractive force in any way. The M-Products systems can achieve an impressive tractive force of up to 3500 kg!

The range of AGV transport systems:


The M-Flex is a fully autonomous vehicle that increases productivity through smart technology.

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The M-Track system is an internal transport system based on an induction-driven truck. 

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The advantages of our logistics products and systems:

  • Ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • Reduced workload and working pressure
  • Lower labour costs (fewer workers for the same job)
  • Smart solutions for every need
  • Everything in-house, so can be fully adapted to your wishes
  • Global delivery and service

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