Energy-efficient, electric driving on the public road

Electrically powered mobility solutions for public roads

These 'Street Legal' electrically powered tricycles are extremely suitable for fast internal transport or environmentally friendly transport via public roads. Especially when there are multiple locations, where a short distance has to be covered on public roads, these tricycles are an ideal solution!

These so-called 'Virto's' are not only robust, but also surprisingly strong! They have a towing capacity of more than 500 kg and the cargo version has a loading platform with a capacity of 250 kg.

The vehicles reach 20 km/h with ease, even when towing for example heavily loaded Danish trolleys. Because they are European approved for use on public roads, they are also very versatile. They can be used for both transport and personal transportation.

The Virto's can be adapted to fully meet your requirements. We are happy to think with you!

The range 'Street Legal' electric tricycles:


With the Virto2, you can drive indoors at 20 km/h, as well as outdoors on public roads.

Price upon request


The Virto2C is the cargo version of the Virto2 and lends itself perfectly as an energy-efficient means of transport for goods up to 250 kg.

Price upon request

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