Mobility solutions for more speed and lower costs

Logistics systems and industrial mobility solutions

Industry is money-driven, which means that there is much to gain by working more efficiently and fully or partly automating processes. M-Products supplies logistic products and transport systems with which this efficiency can be achieved. From manual to automated, fully adapted to the work situation you want.

Not only do we provide 'standard' mobility solutions, we also like to help you to create the situation you want from concept to implementation. We at M-Products have all the expertise in-house to turn every idea into a sustainable, safe and cost-saving end result!

Feel free to contact us to talk about the options. Given below is an overview showing some examples of logistics products and systems that we supply:


The H-400 is an electric tug that improves productivity and safety at your company.

From €4.595,-

Trike 400

The compact construction makes the Trike 400 extremely mobile, enabling you to drive in between anything.

From €5.145,-

Trike 1200

This robust tug, in addition to being very maneuverable, is also very strong and features a towing capacity of as much as 1600 kg.

From €6.545,-

Trike 3000S

With a towing weight of no less than 3500 kg, the Trike 3000S is a real powerhouse within the Trike series.

From €8.845,-


The E-Nova is a very comfortable electric tow tractor, intended for use in public and poorly lit places.

From €8.995,-

HT-400 XL Container

The HT-400 XL Container provides efficient and durable electric transport for carrying waste containers.  

From €6.295,-

The advantages of our logistics products and systems:

  • Ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • Reduced workload and working pressure
  • Lower labour costs (fewer workers for the same job)
  • Smart solutions for every need
  • Everything in-house, so can be fully adapted to your wishes
  • Global delivery and service

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