The Biomant combined with the HT-1500 for hot water weed control. 

Hot water weed control with the HT-1500

In combination with Mantiz ULV Biomant, the HT-1500 is the perfect vehicle to control weeds with hot water. Using this method, the groundwater isn't burdened with chemicals. The use of hot water against weeds works perfectly.  Municipalities, green contractors and landscapers can use the HT-1500 in combination with the Biomant in various places to control weeds. 

Where larger vehicles can no longer reach, the HT-1500 can still easily maneuver in tight spaces due to its maneuverability. The HT-1500 comes with a flat loading platform. With the additional options, the HT-1500 is very versatile. 


Hot water weed control is the best alternative

The universities of Ghent (BE), Copenhagen (DK) and Wageningen University (NL) unanimously conclude that hot water weed control is one of the most effective methods. For more information about the Biomant, visit the Mantiz ULV website.

HT 1500 Plateauwagen 4
HT 1500 Plateauwagen 5
HT 1500 Plateauwagen 6


1578 x 840 mm

Loading capacity

750 kg


6 km/h

In the HT series range, the HT-1500 can lift the heaviest objects. This electric vehicle includes an upward-sprung steering wheel, which the user can pull towards them. 

The HT-1500 comes with maintenance-free batteries, battery charger and battery indicator. In addition, the HT-1500 is equipped with 4 pneumatic tires, allowing the vehicle to easily drive on different surfaces.

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