Easily carry out maintenance work on site

HT-400 XL Tool cart

With the HT-400 XL Tool Cart, on-site maintenance tasks can be easily carried out. This mobile tool station provides not only space for storing materials, but also a workbench for performing jobs on site.

This compact vehicle can be extended with a platform for the driver and can be used throughout a full work day, without recharging. The adjustable steering column ensures a comfortable working position for all your employees. The new digital controller regenerates the brake energy back into the batteries.


1470 x 800 mm

Loading capacity

600 kg


6 km/h

HT400XL gereedschapskar 3
HT400XL gereedschapskar2
HT400 XL gereedschapskar

This vehicle is available from €6.895,- and expandable with various options:

  • Standing platform
  • Table
  • Closed version with doors on one side
  • Non-marking tires
  • Lithium battery
  • Color of choice: green, blue, white or orange

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