Productivity and safety in your company


The H-400 is an electrically powered tug used within horticulture mainly for pulling, steering and pushing heavy loads such as Danish trolleys and containers. The H-400 increases productivity and safety within your company. It significantly reduces the physical strain on your employees and also saves a lot of time.

The compact tug can turn completely around its own axis and features a narrow wheelbase, making it highly maneuverable. In addition, the tug is easy to use, can be used for an entire working day without recharging and is multi-deployable due to the various couplings available. The adjustable steering column ensures a pleasant working position for all your employees. The new digital controller regenerates the brake energy back into the batteries.

This vehicle can, if desired, also be equipped with a Lithium battery and/or supplied with other additional options. More information can be found below.



486 x 535 mm

For loads up to

640 kg


6 km/h

H 400 tuinbouw
H400 tuinbouw
H 400 tuinbouw stuur

This vehicle is available from €4.595,- and expandable with various options:

  • Electric grab
  • Remote control
  • Towing bars and coupling parts
  • Non-marking tires
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Lithium battery
  • Choise of color: green, blue, white or orange

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