Trike 400 - The compact and strong electric tug

Trike 400

Thanks to its compact design, the Trike 400 is very maneuverable, allowing you to drive effortlessly between anything. Within horticulture this electric tug is mainly used to move heavy loads and as a personal means of transport to easily bridge distances with the possibility to carry cargo, such as Danish trolleys, harvest carts and wippon carts.

It is almost always possible to make your existing cart(s) suitable to use in combination with a trike. Because of the 3 pneumatic tyres, the trikes are also ideal for driving over soft surfaces. Do you want to transport several carts or heavily loaded harvest wagons simultaneously? The Trike 1200 and the Trike 3000S have even more towing capacity than the Trike 400.

The Trike 400 is standard supplied with no-maintenance batteries, a battery charger, battery meter and an adjustable tiller head. The Trike 400 has two standard speeds and comes with a comprehensive range of options.

Due to its compact design and maneuverability, the Trike 400 can also be used as a container tug



1350 x 570 mm

For loads up to

250 kg


10 km/h

Turning radius

1,2 meter

Trike zachtfruit
Trike 400 tuinbouw
Trike 400 sierteelt
Trike elektrotrekker 5
Trike stuur

This vehicle is available from €5.145,- and expandable with various options:

  • Towing bars and coupling parts for a.o. Danish trolleys and carts
  • Crate, possible with seat cushion
  • Back rest or saddle
  • Non-marking tires
  • Lithium battery
  • Headlight and flashing light
  • Choise of color: green, blue, white or orange

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